• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Two - The Spirit World

      • Chapter I - Spirits

        • Progress of Spirits

115. Are some spirits created good and others bad?

“God created all spirits simple and unaware, meaning lacking all knowledge. God has given them each a particular mission, to enlighten them and help them gradually reach perfection through the knowledge of the truth, and rise closer to Him. In that perfection they will find eternal bliss without any troubles. Spirits acquire knowledge by experiencing the trials inflicted by God. While some accept these trials with resignation and arrive at their destiny more quickly, others are defiant and remain far from the perfection and happiness promised to them through no fault other than their own.”

a) According to this statement, spirits are like children when they are born, unaware and without experience. However, gradually, they acquire the knowledge that they lack by experiencing the different phases of human life.

“Yes, that is a fair comparison. Rebellious children remain ignorant and imperfect; how much they benefit depends on their obedience. A person’s life has an end, while that of spirits extends beyond infinity.”

Source: Kardecpedia