• The Spirits' Book

    • Book Four - Hope and Consolation

      • Chapter II - Future Joys and Sorrows

        • Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

1019. Will goodness ever reign on Earth?

“Goodness will reign on Earth when among the spirits who come to live here the good outnumber the bad ones. They will usher in a reign of love and justice, which is the source of goodness and happiness. Through moral progress and adhering to God’s laws, humanity will attract good spirits to Earth and will keep the bad ones away. However, the latter will not definitively leave Earth until its people are completely free of pride and selfishness.”

“The transformation of humanity was predicted, and you are now approaching the time when it is destined to take place. Progress will happen when higher spirits incarnate and create a new generation on Earth. The wicked spirits who die each day and all who try to halt advancement are excluded and forced to incarnate somewhere other than Earth. They would be out of place among the honorable members of the human race, whose happiness is impaired by their presence. They will go to new, less advanced worlds, where they will carry out difficult missions. These missions will provide them with the means of advancing, while contributing to the advancement of their younger, less evolved brothers and sisters. In this exclusion, do you not see the true significance of the transcendent image of the Paradise lost? Do you not also see in the appearance of human beings on Earth under similar conditions and carrying the seeds of passions, as well as proof of their primitive inferiority within themselves, the real meaning of original sin? Considered from this perspective, original sin consists of the imperfection of human nature. Therefore, each member of the human race is only responsible for their own imperfection and wrongdoing, and not for that of their ancestors.”

“All of you, people of faith and goodwill must enthusiastically and courageously devote yourselves to the noble work of regeneration. You will in turn reap a hundredfold for every seed you sow. Woe to those who close their eyes against the light, because they will sentence themselves to centuries of darkness and sorrow! Woe to those who focus their happiness on the things of this world, because they will suffer hardships that far exceeds their present joys! And above all, woe to the selfish, because they will find no one to help them bear the burden of their misery.”


Source: Kardecpedia